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A look back...
Published on April 15, 2005 By PurrBall In Websites

You too can go and see this website!

It's on the link that is at
Then go to 'helper program link'
Then at bottom of page go to the reeeealy faint log in link.

on Apr 15, 2005
It looks like Meowy found another glitch to see one of the old themes.

BTW, does anybody know if they're going to bring back the option to select a theme for the site?
on Apr 15, 2005

Geez, themes wouldnt be too hard. SKS has a colorizer in it....

Not really
on Apr 15, 2005
All they would have to do is use stylesheets. But they are more worried about getting the rest of the bugs fixed first.
on Apr 15, 2005
All they would have to do is use stylesheets

The images would still need to be colorized.

How about portin some of the older themes back here?
on Apr 15, 2005
You can have images defined in the stylesheets. So when you select the stylesheet you want, it will change the colors and the images to what is set in the css file.